I have worked with Debra on a number of design teams at InContext. She thinks systemically, designs for the user and is blessed with the patience and understanding needed to guide clients through the Contextual Design process. Debra is a “ducks in a row” team member. I can always count on her to make sure scheduling, resource allocation and client communication supports the work to be done.

When engaged in design discussions, Debra is eager to share fresh design perspectives and concepts. She also possesses the ability to effectively communicate to designers, engineers and executives; encouraging all minds to participate in the design. I highly recommend Debra as a valuable asset to any design team.
— Adam Goss | Principal User Experience Architect
Debra is a joy to work with. She is conscientious, creative and very thorough and timely with her deliverables. She works very well in a team and is highly rated by her peers and senior management. Much of what she has done has helped to bring disparate viewpoints into alignment and helped create a shared vision for what a winning solution would look like. She is always the champion and voice for good design. Highly rated.
— Sean Hegarty | Product Manager

I was a student in Debra’s web-design class. She was a phenomenal teacher: patient, resourceful, clear, good natured and very responsive to student questions. Everyone enjoyed the class and learned a great deal. I recommend Debra as a teacher and a web-designer.
— Karen Frostig President and Artistic Director
Debra and I worked together on a web-site redesign that required input from a number of departments. Debra’s ability to draw clarity from chaos and to keep individuals on task resulted in the successful completion of the project. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Debra again.
— Jean Reale | MIT Sloan School of Management

Debra is a very talented and clever designer. Her strong visual background helped many faculty to understand the importance of the student experience. She is very knowledgeable about graphic design principles and is able to convey her knowledge and vision to less experienced people. Debra is smart and very funny which made her a joy to work with.
— Heather McMorrow Director of Instructional Design
Debra was an amazing mentor in the User Centered Design project that we worked together on. Not only is she an expert on the topic, she has a very personable demeanor and can easily relate to many different personality types. Debra was a joy to work with and she delivered outstanding results while training our team in UCD.
— Chris Brown Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Debra is a great person to have on a team. She is collaborative and always thinking and coming up with great ideas to share. She is also incredibly open to other’s ideas and feedback. Debra is a team player whose concern is always in making the group look good. She cares about the quality of the work and wants to make sure that she meets the needs to the best of her ability. Working with Debra is always a great experience.
— Traci Lepore User Experience Professional
Debra did an excellent job helping our company with a Contextual Design project - she is very personable and results driven.
— Dan Youse Vice President Operations