The UX industry was and is still being built by Bootstrappers. We come from many backgrounds that make our industry rich with fresh perspectives. Our accepted methods are more robust because we continue to borrow concepts from so many sources. We perfect those borrowed concepts to serve our unique needs.

We were talking about how people use things before it was cool.

We learn what we need in the moment because what works for us is different from the practitioner sitting in the chair nearby. There is no one size fits all approach to UX and that extends to our own career development. We invent and choose methods to get the right product. We figure it out as we go relying on our ingenuity to get us through.

Many of us have been and still are the "team of one” needing to master every skill under UX. We can’t specialize too much because we are the continuity across every touchpoint for the users. We need to know a little of everything to forge great alliances within our organizations.

We are misunderstood because you can’t fit us into a nice neat box. 

We had to fight to be heard and now we have to fight to be understood. 



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